John Stuart

Years of experience: 19

Expertise: Vibrational Medicine, Love/Relationships, Emotional Wisdom, Sound Healing, DJ

Sacred Partnership/ Spiritual Intimacy

Our Vision


Your love


“Music is the mysterious key of memory, unlocking the hoarded treasures of the heart. Tones, at times, in music, will bring back forgotten things.”

Lord Edward Bulwer Lytton

360five, Chillin Music

John Stuart aka LoveAmplified graces the collective with a spirited devotion to his practice.  By day, John is a published author, inspirational speaker and expert in the field of Vibrational Therapy.  By night, he is an accomplished DJ and electronic sound alchemist with over 10 releases, as well as A&R/PR for internationally-known record label, Chillin Music.

For over 20 years, his dynamic style appeals to globally diverse audiences at a core level & beckons the masses to partake with him on an intimate, alchemical journey through sound.  To be in John’s presence is to experience his very special brand of mind-expanding, body-grooving & soul-soothing soundscapes, which he uses as a medium to amplify the spirit of personal expression, oneness, freedom & love.  Beautifully spontaneous, he connects with the collective energy to create a ritual of spiritual communion & ecstatic celebration tuned to the frequency of love.  John’s DJ sets, writings, workshops, vibrational therapy sessions & talks have been featured throughout the US & abroad.  Whether it be a festival, club, lounge, yoga class or other intimate environment - experience your innate self and the vibe of LoveAmplified!

Who is LoveAmplified?