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A Sound Experience for you...

I dove deep into the energy of the Goddess heart awakening with this Sound Experience.

Let this one find its way to the heart of your heart and the essence of your soul.

You are love and loved.

(click the image below to be taken to the Sound Experience)

Into the infinite expanse of love’s sweet sound -

releasing to the moment; inspired, breathing.

Whispers of your soul felt deep within -

messages of strength, courage and wisdom.

Always, in all ways - all along.

Guided by echoes; removing obstacles

Remaining present; intimate, feeling.

Chants dancing in the ether heard throughout -

beloved. Goddess. Muse. Sacred healing.

Amplifying, merging - transcendent love.

eMerging - king. God. Warrior. Safely breathing.

Release identity, form or entity - transmutation

Divine Union - formless, timeless, essence

love absolute - garden of eden.

Sending love and gratitude to you today and every day.

John Stuart

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