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Updated: Feb 28

The soul of our humanness reveals itself through the dance of recognizing and meeting our individual needs:

what we need to feel seen...

to feel a sense of belonging and...

to feel trust.

Meeting basic human needs forms the foundation upon which our well-being thrives.

Physiological needs - the essentials of clean air and water, healthy food and shelter; set the stage for the pursuit of higher-level needs and conscious evolution.

The fulfillment of our psychological needs including safety, connection and belonging eases our nervous system and amplifies our heartsong; resonating through the chambers of our hearts and echo-locating what’s in harmony within and throughout.

To feel seen is to experience a profound acknowledgment of our who we are in our truest truth. Our confidence and trust grows through the practice of vulnerability with discernment. We feel safe in our truest expression.

We sing our song and dance our dance.

We are…

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