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We Are The Ones We Are Waiting For

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. All else is a reflection of where we are within. Seeking for love comes from a place of lack; a place where we are not whole. The truth is we are whole and holy. We are a holy emanation of the one creative consciousness that is forever revealing itself. Therefore, as we become more transparent and clear with our true, innate self and tune into our personal frequency at which we vibrate – it’s like dialing into the mainline of God consciousness. It’s all here. Always has been. We just get to remove what no longer serves us and what we have resisted to release out of fear. Have no fear, love is always here! In all ways! It presents itself once we are vulnerable enough to accept our personal truth. Not the truth that we rationalize or justify – the truth that just is. It’s the ISness. There is no explanation. Our mind is blown and the heart beats steadily in unison with love absolute. This is what unfurls should we choose to do the work – which happens to be the fun part and where the magic begins to show up.

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