(4) One-on-One Sessions

(4) One-on-One Sessions

Are you ready to be the YOU that you know to be TRUE?

Are you ready be and RECEIVE the full expression of LOVE?

Are you ready to RELEASE the same old STORY?


NOW is the time to cut through spiritual and emotional barriers and connect to a source of UNDENIABLE WISDOM that you can return to, time and again.


In our private, one-on-one sessions, we will…

  • create a vision for what you desire:  To know with absolute clarity where you are, where you’re headed and what you must do to make it happen.
  • uncover hidden resistance:  Uncover things that are sabotaging your progress.
  • renew, re-energize and revitalize:  Take inspired action to manifest your desires.
  • unwind constrictive thoughts and restrictive energies: Release yourself from ties that bind you to the past and experience freedom from negative situations or conditions.
  • recognize the root energetic cause:  Identify your areas of constriction and resistance and discover where in your body it is stored.
  • release the chains:  Manifest the life that you deserve!
  • create and implement a daily ritual practice:   Harmonize your life!


NOW is the time to celebrate and say YES to YOU!


Sessions are 1-1.5 hours and available via phone, Skype or in person.


Rates are $150/session with multi-session packages available at a discounted rate.


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