Flower Essence Personalized Painting
  • Flower Essence Personalized Painting

    Cosmic Creations by Michelle Stuart!


    *** Now through May 1, 2020, all first purchases will be offered at $55.00 (including shipping)! ***


    Cosmic Creations offers a variety of personalized, energetic paintings including Flower Essence, Zodiac Series, and Sacred Geometry pieces. Each individualized painting will incorporate channeled energy from the recipient to determine the details, such as: color palette, type of flower (if one has not been voluntarily chosen), shapes, and more.


    Flower Essence pieces can be individualized by choosing the type of flower that best resonates with you or you can allow for a full energetic interpretation where the flower will be chosen for you.


    The Zodiac Series will be based on your natal chart. These can be customized by using your Sun sign (determined by the day and month), your ruling planet (determined by your Sun sign), other planet(s) that you are called to, or, again, can be a mystery piece with the use of universal, cosmic energy.


    Sacred Geometry pieces are created by using the energy of the recipient. This collection is interpretation ONLY. 


    Current canvas sizes are 8” by 8” and 12” by 16”. Prices will range from $55.00-$175.00 depending on the hours spent and materials needed to complete the custom piece. Cost to ship is included. 


    Please message and name Cosmic Creations in the subject if you have any questions.

    When placing an order be sure to include in the message the preferred canvas dimensions, type of piece, type of flower or birth date, place and time (if applicable).


    *** Now through May 1, 2020, all first purchases will be offered at $55.00 (including shipping)! ***

      $125.00 Regular Price
      $55.00Sale Price
      Type of Piece

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