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Vibrating Melodies of Cordial Progression

From where does the energy come?

    Primitive chants move my soul.

The inner eye rises from the mist

    a soul kiss to hold.

Pause for a breath in countless time,

    a complicated performance.

Acts of words is a job to many.

    The few are those who knew.

World order would eventually balance.

    Words without sounds rarefied,

Compressed to form a wave of sonic bliss.

    Reminisce of days glorified.

Mystified, I wonder. Eyes wander.

In stereo.  In stereo.

Pulling through the airport,

    supporting casts of lovers in love

Traveling different places in my mind.

    Time to store the pages, face the facts.

Relax to reactions – signs of the time.

    Code of the souls, answers lack

Sense and sensibility, pride and privity.

    The feeling connected worlds beyond.

Linked into a well of beauty, peace and truth

    Believe in the notion, regarding proof –

Illuminated reality brightens the horizon

    Soothe me. Remove me. Move me.

Elevator up – 3 dimensions and climbing

    A new year – every note – new hope.

Detach, Be. Leave. Present. Life.

    Vibrating melodies of cordial progression.

John Stuart

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