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"The most rewarding, uplifting, ground breaking and profound class I've ever taken thus far. I am so grateful that I was able to share this experience because I've gained so much insight about myself and other people. I feel more aware more alive about a lot of things, people and situations in my life. " 

Paula W, San Francisco, CA

"Thanks again for the incredible journey. Your guidance took me to a place I really needed to go to find some answers. I just needed help letting go of myself to find those answers."

Angel T, Orlando, FL

"The event last night was an amazing experience. How you can match the energy of each of us within the circle to bring awareness and healing was transformational. You gently brought each of us to the core and brought us back. The music meditation was like nothing I have ever felt. You are truly talented, creative and in tune with the musical vibrations that you mix. The music brought me up and then down deep within the energy and vibrations. Every particle of my body trembled within the sound and experience. You have awakened my love and passion for music again and reminded me of the power of sound. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love with each and every one of us. Namaste for I see the beauty within your soul and you see the beauty within mine." 

Kasi T, Milwaukee, WI

"I experienced the sweetest vortex of high vibe Community, Love, and Authenticity last night. I hope you all can have the opportunity to know the John Stuart phenomenon."

Tara M, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you John for holding such an awesome energy. Last night was just beautiful. You have a way of helping people open up and explore their own inner knowing with laughter and heart. Thank you my brother, and I look forward to the next powerful circle."

Tim S, Pewaukee, WI

"As a yoga instructor/wellness event facilitator, I reached out to John to be a part of a "Day of Healing." He not only accepted the invitation to speak at the event, but aided in the planning. I am rather new at event creation and thankfully he shared his experience and offered invaluable suggestions. During our group acupuncture session he deepened relaxation and encouraged heart opening with a beautiful guided meditation. He then offered a thought provoking talk on "manifesting your desired outcome," which was delivered with love, intelligence and humor. Finally, we were taken on a healing journey, using breathing techniques and brilliant, love expanding sound.

John is gifted and magnetic. When he want to stop and listen. Thank you for for sharing your magic with us, John. My students are asking for an encore." 

Nicole B, Orlando, FL 

"Yes indeed, it was a beautiful evening! Divine communion, Heaven's of love and a very cool and ingenious music vibe immersion... thank you John, and thank us all for coming together for that beautiful night!" 

Allen S, Los Angeles, CA

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