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Embracing my inherent sovereignty and navigating my own journey of self-discovery has been instrumental in the unfoldment of my soul’s truest truth and all the beauty that resides within my heart… as well as the excavation of indoctrination, expectation and judgment of/from others. 

Choosing to evolve based on my authentic desires and values rather than succumbing to external pressure or the need for validation or approval has provided a deeper peace… a self-honoring… a feeling of what love feels like when it’s appropriately placed… an activation as well as a softer place for my nervous system to land. 

As I continue to embrace greater autonomy, a more profound sense of freedom is cultivated. Hmmm… reminds of the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F#ck. Perhaps, that’s what that means at its core. What I’ve found is that it takes courage to live and love this way. The Subtle Art of Living Courageously and Trusting… myself. 

Beyond labels, conventional norms, societal expectations, indoctrinated beliefs, patterned thought and behavior is a field of genuine self-expression that invites us to explore the essence of our self… the me that feels free… free to be. 

There is a feeling of inner harmony and holistic integration of our internal landscape, external environment and how we show up within and throughout. 

When I feel into what evolving freely means for me… it’s a deeper sense of purpose, connection and fulfillment of what lights me up within while honoring the whole, the collective, what’s in front of me… with integrity and in harmony. 

My inhale is met with a deeper exhale. 

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