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LoveAmplified 006: Beauty in the Breakdown

For many reasons, I wasn't going to post this mix.

This mix isn't perfect... and neither am I.

It's raw emotion... as am I.

At times it goes in an unexpected direction... as do I.

I rarely posts mixes as I feel as if I am being critiqued by the listener and that any mess up would potentially cost me a booking, or when I see others in my profession that they would be silently judging me based on what I post, or I might play specific genres that would pigeon hole me and label me as a certain style of DJ... the risks, the judgment, the competition, the inner battle, the vulnerability, the ego - all of which care over into daily living. As within, so throughout.

Though, as I listened to it more and more, its medicine revealed itself beyond the emotional release. I made a commitment to sharing more of me - videos, DJ mixes, poetry, blog posts, music composition, essays, etc... The me that makes me up at the core. The raw essence of my human experience, not just the me that shares positivity, conscious awareness, life lessons, holistic health tips and spiritual insight. The emotional texture that connects and binds us all in this lifetime. Sharing stories though not holding on to the story. Letting it go...

When I went on a soul journey recently to reconnect with what I know to be true deep within and throughout, life upon return to the States was far different than when I left not only on the internal landscape also my surrounding environment. Yet, it was exactly what was necessary to enter even deeper into the soul of my experience. That commitment I wrote of earlier... yes. The dedication to my practice... yes. The deeper presence with human connection... yes. Honoring the integrity of authentic expression... yes. Live simply... yes. Love anyways... yes.

Learning to tame the ego and let go of what we expect life to be and truly, gently, lovingly holding the mirror up to our self presents us with a whole other way of engaging in the world around us. Making choices that resonate within and support what we wish to experience throughout are healing at a cellular level and also amplify the signal of what we wish to align with.

We've come too far only to get this far. What we hold back, holds us down.

That said, enjoy the mix. (( <3 ))

we are love, amplified.

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