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Surrendering with you.

Breathing as one through ecstasy and agony -

as if all hands of creation have their hold;

release or embrace?

Run from it or walk with it.

A chorus of beauty creating consciously

celebrating life - poetic justice.


When the essence of truth resonates;

Memories fade in the breath of the moment.

Dancing in the current of the vibration;

undeniable expression of adoration.


Blessing or curse?

Perspectives intersect. Frequently.

Be in the frequency - the space between.


Weaving loyalty - sacred union of the divine.

Reverent evidence desiring the experience.

Choosing now and forever.

Reflecting. Resurrecting.


Cosmic stardust. Earth's angel.

Ascend without apprehension.

Releasing tension - divine orchestration.

Intentionally devoted - safely home.

At peace, in love.

Within. Throughout.


Swaying with the sound of my soul

nodding my head in my heart's approval

Feeling waves of energy transcending

channeling epiphanies of the mortal

Miracles are reality's way

Fields of belief amplified.


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