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My Heart's Spray

A cacophony of creative expression 
The Divine Mother offers her blessing
Lifetimes of incarnation in the ethereal
Equally yoked with the ineffable
Effortless liberation 
Journeying beyond the beyond
Surrender to my soul’s evolution 
A portal of seductive reverberation
Vortices of sensual intoxication 
The One Infinite Intelligence
Impregnating cellular intercourse
Breathing through boundaries 
Unfolding every petal 
Tasting the nectar of the eternal 
Irrepressible presence
Embodied within every expression 
Effervescent exploration 
Without exception
Each pore glistens 
beads of the ocean wave in everlasting exaltation
A prayer of human proportions 
Prostrating in reverent contortions
Undefining love’s condition 
As Heaven on earth 
In the Wake of Divine Inspiration 
A daily ritual aligned with sacred purpose
Clarity of Heart
Value the virtuous 
Embracing our Divinity 
Breathing the essence of you 
Within me
I am

My Heart’s Spray
John Stuart
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