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Conscious Embrace

As the sun rises, we wake each day with a question.

You know what that question is, don’t you?

The one that rests in the cavities of your subconscious,

playing hide and seek

knocking at the temples of your conscience.

It’s not so much the question, it’s that you know the answer.

You know,

it’s right


You can just about touch it, taste it.

I know you’ve been there.

YES! You’ve seen the light.

That inner glow from the depths of your soul – it’s calling out to you.

You too are a seeker

On an eternal quest for the beacon that shines inside.

Seeing the future within the present.

Are you ready?

Take it to another level.

High above the sky

Yet, deep within your soul.

Surrender your self.


Is this a dream?  Or, is this reality?

Ask yourself.

You know the answer.

You know.

it’s right


John Stuart

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