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How to Get More Love

Being aware of our self on an intimate level is something that most of us are unfamiliar with.  We have been focused on finding love, searching for something and seeking outside of ourselves – only to do a full circle back to finding our self.  Fascinating how that works!  With that said, when we give ourselves the opportunity to have a relationship with our self we open up a dialogue with our subconscious.  We really get to know who we are on the inside!

Are you in love with that person?  Are you in love with-in?  Does it feel a bit awkward to love your self? 

Is it selfish?  Is it self-absorbed?  Is it vane?  These questions come to mind but the answer is a resounding NO! This comes from a place of presence, true intimacy and surrender.  If we can’t love our self, who and what can we really love?

The secret to unconditional love lies within.  If one can truly love and accept their self without condition, a vast majority of emotional stress and mental anguish would be spared.  The reason is because we are being all that we are.  There is no holding back.  We would experience our personal truth. 

How much joy would it bring to you if you could just be your self? No judgment.  How stress relieving would it be, if you just let go?  Be you.  Be ALL of YOU.  Love just oozes from your voice, pulses with each beat of your heart and inspires with each breath.  

The journey of self-awareness guides us from thought to experience.  The intention is for our self to be in harmony with everything else.  Most of us get in our own way and get all up in our head.  Self-awareness doesn’t have to be another task, job or thing to do.  Rather, get in touch with you and celebrate your YOUniqueness.  How to get more love is to give more love – to your self. 

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