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LoveAmplified 012: Intimate InterDimensionality

The LoveAmplified series of gently stirred mixes has been one of the most gratifying offerings that I have gifted my Self. They are snap shots in time that touch on the emotional textures this human experience affords.

They are a form of musical storytelling and within that is a space for healing, safe expression and as with all forms of art... a canvas where anything can happen when we surrender to the flow and allow our heart to guide the way.

There is a vulnerability in this space. There is a tenderness. There is a humanness that is exposed. My mind wants to control while my Soul whispers let go. My body tenses as the vibration loosens any constriction.

On a physio-spiritual level, there is also a breath of life that forever inspires its Self breathing creative consciousness into each and every single cell... remembering, recognizing, reconnecting, realizing... there is an intimacy that is beyond any expression when we surrender to the depth of our Soul and get out of our own way. A feeling within rises and ignites what cannot be expressed through intellect or any mortal interpretation... only experienced.These mixes don't subscribe to any format, specific genre, style, bpm, categorical proposition other than the expression of whatever shows up in the moment...My soul dances while my earth suit plays catch up.These mixes are a mainline into the essence of my human-ness and a direct connect with my experience with the infinite expression of consciousness, God, Source, the Divine in every respective distinction.


This mix follows off the previous mix, "The Journey of Remembering" which dove into the crevices of every facet of my life. Who am I? What am I? Where have I gone? Who am I becoming? "Intimate InterDimensionality" ventures into the expression of the here and now as well as the Soul's Dance of what it knows to be true. Embracing life, trusting love, expressing truth and living as it. Each mix I offer a stream of consciousness writing, poem or expression of what came forward as I tuned into it after.

This is the writing...

Embracing the mystery - Trust. eMerging as One Soul. Being in Love As a being of Love. In reverence - Trust.Elevating reality. Feeling the infinite Breathing me Inspiring depth Divinely orchestrated I am. We are. Intimate. Interdimensional. Stardust.

The Souls Dance

John Stuart

(click on image to listen to the mix)

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