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Marching Into 2020

Entering 2019, the intention was slow and deliberate even though everything around me was not... I trusted. Listening to the even deeper voice - not the one that wants to control and run the show, the ego - the one that knows... like really knows. It's that voice that speaks without words. The one that if we actually listened to and told people about, they might think we're crazy or even trigger their deepest insecurities. It's that voice that truly honors the highest Self. It's that voice that resonates within... brings a calming sense while invigorating our spirit to initiate inspired action from a heart-centered space with fiery passion.

Speaking of voice... as one who's never been one to hold back from expressing my Self, it's fascinating to reflect on how we allow our Self to be muted - whether it be out of fear or as a result of submitting to those in our close proximity (work, family, partner, friend, etc) from being told to shut up, you talk too much, you can't say that or simply, not being received. Our voice is potent. Communication is essential. Personally, I've held back from expressing my truth for many reasons. It did nothing for me other than store emotional debris in my body, cloud my clarity and create doubt where there was none. Slowly, deliberately... I listened to that even deeper voice. That voice that always has our back. The voice that some call God... Jesus... Buddha... Allah... Yeshua... Atman... Great Spirit... source... divine.. creator... that voice.

That said, 2020 is here. The slow and deliberate journey of remembering and reconnecting has now entered into a journey of practice and service.I'd love to share what I have been tuning into and what has been tugging at my soul...✨🙏🏽✨

the 360five online community - is the biggest addition and what I have been dialing into for quite some time. One of the things that I have always wanted was a home for all of what I share - music, sound healing, holistic wellness, meditation, consulting, workshops, videos... you name it, it's here - along with a full back catalogue available for download and new material uploaded monthly. Check it out and if you feel it's something that resonates, there's a private facebook group set aside for Community connection and growth - EVERYONE is welcome. I would be deeply appreciative if you shared it, passed it on... truly grateful! This is the result of honoring that inner voice and the call to be of service. #LetsGrow #BetterTogether

eMergence Men’s Group - formerly ManUP! - this holds such an intimate space within and I am beyond grateful to share a space where men can gather, connect, support, be supported and share in the journey. This group will meet the 3rd Thursday at Dreams in Waukesha. Would love to see all my brothers here. There's work to be done...

Emotion Dance Movement - formerly Dreams Ecstatic Dance - this has been such a wonderful addition to share at Dreams Life & Wellness Center. Our community has been growing and the vibe that is held... simply, yes.

John Stuart - hi, it's me. This is where I share anything and everything on all things life and the exploration of consciousness and our journey with it.

The LoveAmplified series of mixes has been one of those things that started as a 'mistake'. I was just playing music one day and was all up in the feels of life and didn't realize I recorded it. Though, I never posted it as it wasn't a 'perfect' DJ mix and might cause me to potentially lose bookings if I did. It didn't abide to a genre, some mixes weren't mixes, some mixes weren't 'perfect' - it was a voice I muted. Until, that voice needed a healthy expression... and here we are. It has become my main voice of musical storytelling as a snapshot in time.

Check out the latest one, Foresight:2020 here -…/loveamplified-013-foresight-2020

While on SoundCloud, I reorganized everything and gave a new look. Ya know... set the tone.

The Frequency - Jaydye Ubs and I had a radio show "The UBS Sunday MASSive on 96.9 Foundation Radio nearly 20 years ago... starting next Sunday, March 8th, we send "The Frequency" into the inner and outer space. Ohhhh this has been a LONG time coming. 📷<3 as an aside, check out Jay's YouTube page if you are a fan of boom bap, trip hop, acid jazz, old school East Coast hip hop instrumentals. He has a 100 Beats in 100 Days Challenge going on... impressive to say the least!

Absorb - we've gotten the brotherhood back together to answer the call. Very much looking forward to curating more of what we left off with over the summer. The link to our next event ---> Absorb at Bremen Cafe

There's some other magical stuff in the flow... #soon

Thank YOU for being YOU and sharing in the journey!

In harmony,


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