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Beyond the Shift

Consciously aware, meditating, exercising, doing yoga, listening to and/or studying personal/spiritual development, eating healthy, being socially and environmentally responsible – or at least, making the effort. Sometimes it seems as if we are doing everything to live the life intended, doesn’t it? Yet, there is something – not really ‘missing’, per se, as we know it’s there; somewhere. The question becomes, ‘Where is it?’ Out there, in here, over yonder, in the stars… in the air tonight? Can you feel it? Have you been waiting all your life – for the ephemeral moment of the fairy tale to begin? Good news – shift happens!

The time has come for us to get out of our own way. Yes, it’s time for those little voices in our head to stop replaying a story that no longer serves us. lt is now time to celebrate life in all it’s beauty. No, not just thinking about it; rather, being about it. Being the ideal, being the vision that we so clearly see in our mind’s eye, being the message that resonates deep within, being love and open to receiving higher love, being inspired to act with compassion and deep gratitude, being the energy you set in motion with responsibility and accountability, being the YOU that you are – the essence of you. Honor your YOUniqueness. That magical moment is right here, right now. Sounds simple, yes? In essence, it is.

Go back to the last moment that you felt like you were floating on cloud 9; riding a magic carpet; the world was in your hands; God was sitting in your lap; divine inspiration guided you; synchronicity, the tingles, goosebumps, a wave of inexplicable energy came over you and you experienced a high without any outside influence… maybe it was when you met that special someone, got that dream job, won a sports match, received an award, had the best or… YES, get into THAT feeling! Remember the feeling; feel that feeling in your body. Breathe that feeling deep into your body. Let that feeling rise from within, see it clearly in your mind’s eye, imagine sharing that feeling with others, radiating the essence of its energy so anyone and everyone can sense it, feel how good that feels in your heart and how connected you are to that feeling, take action from this feeling of unconditional love, set the energy in motion and embody that feeling at your very core and be a beacon of the light that is shining – this is YOU! This is your divine essence. This is your truth. This is love’s creative intelligence having its way. This is the foundation of the law of attraction. This is the secret, exposed! The journey begins when you shine from within. Shift just hit the fan; in Godspeed! Get it, got it? Gooooood!!!

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